The Great War

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Cristo E I Ladroni

This postcard is a blue and white illustration of an old man in a loin cloth with a cross around his neck. To the right of him, a man hangs from a scaffold and is stretching out his leg to kick him. To the left of the old man, a woman hangs from another scaffold. At the bottom of the woman's scaffold is a sign saying "Trieste". At the bottom of the man's is a sign saying "Trento" and a pair of dice. A skeleton in the bottom left corner holds a spear up to the old man. Next to it is a sign saying "Russia?" Above the old man is a two-headed dragon and a sign saying "FGRI". In the background is a hill with three crosses and the word "Galizia". On reverse: "Danza Macabra Europea";"Serie di 12 Cartoline di Alberto Martini".

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