The Great War

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Blue Bell (3)

This postcard is a color illustration of one soldier kneeling beside a wounded one. In the top right corner is an inset of a woman sitting at a table with her head in her arms. Beneath the picture is a poem entitled "Blue Bell (3)." It is a farewell poem from the man to the woman. Text at bottom right: "Bamforth (Copyright)." Text at bottom: "By arrangement with Messrs. Francis. Day & Hunter, the publishers of the music". On reverse: "Bamforth and Co., LTD., Publishers Holmfirth (England) and New York, Series No. 4780/3 Printed in England."

Text on postcard:

Blue Bell, a wrong wants righting, Brave men must risk their lives, Foe-men in arms are fighting; Each for vict'ry strives. There on the fill side lying, There 'mid the guns loud roar, Blue Bell your true love's dying, Calling for you once more.

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