The Great War

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Home of Sergeant Alvin C. York

This postcard is a color picture of a large white home with a green roof. Text at top center: "N-651 Home of Sergeant Alvin C. York, of World War Fame, Pall Mall, Tenn." Text at bottom left: "'Photo by Tenn. State Dept. of Conservation'." On reverse: "Published by Asheville Post Card Co., Asheville, N.C."; a small blurb about Sgt. Alvin C. York: "Pall Mall, Fentress County, in northern Tennessee, is noted for being the home of Alvin C. York. York, then a Sergeant, won worldwide fame on October 8, 1918 when, armed with a Springfield rifle and an automatic revolver, killed 20 Germans, captured a hill, and compelled the surrender of 132 of the enemy, including a Major and 3 Lieutenants. He was deocrated by six nations, including the U. S. Medal of Honor and the French "Croix de Guerre". In 1942 York was commissioned a Major in the U. S. Army."

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