The Great War

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Frederick Ross Presents "A Daughter of France"

This postcard has a color picture of a woman with her head in her hands. Text at top center: "Frederick Ross Presents 'A Daughter of France'". Text at bottom center: "By Lucienne Dervyle."; "A Stirring Drama of the War, in one Act, founded on a True Story." On reverse: "Madlle. Dervyle, the well-knwn French actress and authoress of this one-act war drama, has given us an insight into what only too frequently happens when the Germans capture a village or town in France.Pillage, murder, licentiousness are the prevailing features in every case and the awful example set by those highest in power is followed willingly by all ranks.The unspeakable cruelty and cunning displayed by the Hun towards women and girls who fall into their hands is indescribable by pen, the lust and viciousness beggaring all description.This little drama, which is founded on an incident that actually happened, affords the authoress an opportunity of shewing what is almost a daily occurrence in the hoome of her sisters across the Channel, who have the terrible misfortune to become victims of Hun 'Kultur'"From a press cutting.

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