The Great War

from A Crown of Amaranth, an electronic edition

Postlude: From America.

LORD God, we pray for peace! We lift our plea

That to these shores the red tide shall not roll.

Yet first we ask this greater boon of Thee-

This greater boon, still dearer to our soul:

That peace shall not be ours if peace be base;

That ease shall not be ours if ease be shame;

That Thou wilt teach us, if we must, to face

The wrath and wrack, the fury and the flame.

Point us the way of service, mighty Lord!

Help us to see the high thing we must do;

And if, to serve, we must unsheathe the sword,

Nerve heart and arm to see the dread taskthrough.

Dear God, we pray for peace; but first we pray

That this our country, loved by us so well,

Shall not from Duty turn her face away-

Shall notlose hope of Heaven for fear of Hell.

(TheSpectator, June 19th, 1915.)