The Great War

from A Crown of Amaranth, an electronic edition


(A sketch of two Christian soldiers; "enemies" by the accident of war, comrades in the crusade of the Prince of Peace.).

ALTHOUGH they hated not, they fiercely fought,

Neither for hope of fame nor love of praise.

They followed War through all his dubiousways,

But each the honour of his country sought,

Counting his life as but a thing of nought.

In vain sweet Pity strove her voice to raise:

They could not, then, her harmony appraise,

Knowing that Peace by Freedom must be brought.

But lo, a change! Behold each lifeless form,

Outstretched with sightless eyes upraised above.

For ever past their time of stress and storm,

They reach at length the same dear Fatherland.

"In the blest kingdoms meek of joy and love."

They enter as true brothers, hand in hand.