The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

The Great Adventure

GOD, the Master Pilot,

Or gods, if such there be--

Pour me no weakling's measure

When ye pour the wine for me!

Of pain, of love, of pleasure,

I'll drain the draught ye give;

Of good and ill, give me the fill

Of the life ye bade me live!

Spare me no tithe of favor,

With fortune pave my path,

Nor hold the hand of vengeance

When I deserve your wrath.

Whatever fates ye send me,

Whatever cast the sky,

Grant me the grace to live a man

And as a man to die!

Upon the good I render

Let shine your proudest sun:

And rest me in the valleys

When my last trick is done.

For these your utmost portions,

I'll pay the utmost toll,

So this my life, becone the great

Adventure of my soul!