The Great War

from November: Poems in War Time, an electronic edition

Delay Not, Love

DELAY not, Love, lest what I have of power

To hold against Thou come, my marriage-dower.

Be conjured, through some unbelief of mine

That doubts Thee or Thy coming, to assign

Itself to another lord, and so betray

My will to accomplish his desire:--delay

Thy coming to my government no longer,

So many a foe have I--but Thou art stronger.

When I behold the promise of the world

Blighted, and all a kindly people hurled

In God's face with a lie by one mad will--

Love, I know hardly how to endure until

My little kingdom be possessed by Thee,

There comes so many a royal treachery

To impose upon my will--so many a claimant

To power, kingly and clad in shining raiment.

I am not unacquainted with Thee, Love,

But to know Thee a little is not enough.

Loving a little, must I not admit

These that look like Thee?--Whole and infinite

Is my necessity for all Thou art.

Henceforth I will do naught from Thee apart

That, love being all my business and profession,

All of my being may be in Thy possession.